Rosso Veneto
Igt “C&G” Passito 2017


Rosso Veneto
Igt “C&G” Passito 2017


The Rosso Veneto IGT “C&G” Passito is a wine obtained by the  drying process of typical variety coming from Verona chosen by Cristian and Giammaria Sartori during their wine experience. Today, this red nectar with purple reflexes,is symbol of youth and freshness; for this reason it is a good convivial and meditative wine.



On the palate it is elegant with scents of black cherry, vanilla, chocolate and red pepper; thanks to its aromatic notes it combines well with roast, game, grilled meat, spicy cheese and dried biscuits. We reccomend serving at 18-20°C in large crystal glasses.


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Igt “C&G” Passito 2017”

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