Amarone della Valpolicella
docg Classico 2010

Amarone della Valpolicella
docg Classico 2010

Amarone from Valpolicella is a DOCG red wine produced excusively in Vapolicella. The name comes from the word “amaro”, used to distinguish it from Recioto, which gave birth. lt happened thanks to the discovery of an old barre/ of recioto torgotten in the celiar which continued the fermentation. So it was that the sugars are transtormed into alcohol by losing the characteristic sweetness of the wine, which was then given the name of “Amarone”.



As for Recioto, the best bunches, sparse (that is with the berries not too close together), healthy and perfectly ripe, are selected by expert hands, only to be gently lying on plateaux. These are then arranged to bring in the fruit cellars at the right drying the grapes tor the production of this precious wine.

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docg Classico 2010”

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