Amarone della Valpolicella Docg Classico Riserva 2013


Amarone della Valpolicella Docg Classico Riserva 2013


The Amarone of Valpolicella Classic SR of Rino Sartori is a red wine of Controlled and a Guaranteed Denomination of Origin, a product only in Valpolicella.
The SR Amarone represents the ability of the agricultural company Rino Sartori in having found the right balance between tradition and technology.

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For the production of this wine the grapes are monitored from the initial phases in the land seeking to have the proper balance in the grapevine so that the bunches can reach perfect maturity which are then handpicked and put onto racks.
While the grapes are resting they are constantly monitored as to control the drying state.
The pressing of this product comes 3-4 months later after the harvesting, where thanks to the controlled temperatures and atmosphere the must endures a period of prolonged withering followed by a slow fermentation, to be then followed by an aging process in small oak casks during which regular checks are made both chemical and organoleptic.
The Amarone SR gives an exquisite sensation that enhances and amplifies the scent of cherry and plum jelly with a more developed aroma of black cherry liqueur binding together finely with some spicy hints of chocolate and coffee.
The palate is well balanced by the right softness and elegance with an intense structure.
Combines well with grilled red meat, game, roasts, braised meats and mature cheeses.
All these features put this product at the top end of the Rino Sartori Family.
We recommend a serving temperature of 18-20°C and uncork at least one hour before consuming.





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