RRR – Riduci, Risparmia, Rispetta

RRR – Riduci, Risparmia, Rispetta

In the last few years, sustainability is becoming more and more important.

To adapt to the requirements of a market in evolution, companies need to think about strategies to close to environmental protection. For this reason, Valpolicella has decided to sign the protocol RRR, a certification on the defense of the wine yard.

This project certifies the development of the territory with an attention to the consumers, more and more interesting in the environment. However, many producers have decided to sign this protocol, not only to offer genuine products, but also to thank nature and its products.

The Società Agricola Rino Sartori has received the certification RRR for the grapes of the grape harvest 2016 and 2017 for the extension of 70 hectares in Valpolicella.

We hope to deepen this subject with the application of modern technology to the cultivation of the soil to have a viticulture of high quality.


attestato RRR 2016

attestato RRR 2017